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This is devoted to gargoyles - with some history and comments, but mainly for the photographs. I always have a few more still to scan in and am photographing more as I find them, so if you're interested check every month or so for new ones.

Download them if you like. There are no royalties but if they interest you please let me know - I'm simply curious to see how many people are interested and if there's enough response I'll make an effort to do some more.

Email me at: email_letter_envelope_address&stamps.gif (1K)

UPDATES SINCE September2002:
Baddesley Clinton revisited (updated much better pictures)
L'Eglise de St Victor,Montesquieu Volvestre, foothills Pyrenees, South France.2 gargoyles on front.
General: Fixes to the discussions page, which petered out mid-sentence and whose links didn't work.
General: Odd spelloing (sic) corrections etc
King's Lynn, Hardwick Cemetery gate house, west Norfolk, UK. Flint cottage with one stunning gargoyle
Shepherd's Bush Baptist Church, London - More Victorian Gothic dragons
Matlock, St Giles, Derbyshire, UK. Four interesting gargoyles
Ickburgh, St Peter's, Norfolk, UK. Photos of the older gargoyles on the tower. Thanks to David Owner for the other pictures.
King's Lynn, St Nicholas's, west Norfolk, UK. Single tower, grotesques on statue plinths, and moat
General: Identified dead links and a few new ones, other style fixes
General: A bit more on the mind of the medieval builder

Updated book refs & links (added new ones, deleted dead ones)
Discussions New page discussing specific aspects of gargoyles
Witterings Updates and new sections esp Medieval versus Victorian
Ground plan of Ely from Erin (wonderfully detailed but be warned it's 300kb)
Ickburgh, St Peter's, Norfolk, UK. Massive detailed gargoyles flanking nave, older ones on tower. Thanks to David Owner for the pictures (see his site The Green Man in East Anglia).
Mileham, St John the Baptist, north Norfolk, UK four or more gargoyles, massive heads
King's Lynn, St Margaret's, west Norfolk, UK. Twin towers, lots gargoyles
Beachamwell, ?, Norfolk, UK. Round tower, thatched roof, no gargoyles
Great Cressingham, ?, Norfolk, UK. Two stubby gargoyles, and lots of very good flint work
Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Poor quality pics, but they exist!
St. Pancras, Midland Grand Hotel, Central London. Classic Victorian Gothic on London's own Hall of Valhalla
Royal Academy Of Arts, Piccadilly, Central London. A few Victorian ornate gargoyles
New navigation "buttons" which should make it easier to get around
and there's a bit of rearrangement of some pages, e.g. London now has its own pages

End of updates.

So, do you want to see Gargoyle pictures from UK (incl Ely), Europe and USA
Or, a growing catalogue of Gargoyle pictures from Norfolk Churches

There is background information on the word "gargoyle", various proposed origins of gargoyles, a brief architectural history, what we know of their religious history and given that so little is actually known about the reasons for them, the mythical connections and further speculations on the origins of gargoyles.

For even more background detail, how about reading about various discussions on topics like the mind of the Medieval builder, or on defecating or mooning gargoyles and the Medieval attitude towards nudity, or weathering and whether a gargoyle is an original.

If you want to indulge in more speculative views, try a brief introduction to types of gargoyle and some general wittering on the origins, as well as thoughts on Medieval versus Victorian gargoyles.

Click here for tips on photographing gargoyles, or, if you'd like to see further information and more photos click here for bibliography and links.

For the terribly adventurous, this is a directory listing of all the gargoyle files on this site - list all files in directory.

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