One day, there will be a picture of a cute little fluffy rabbit here
all cuddly, soft and probably pink.

Until then, here is the next best thing. Scroll down past its friends, a couple of flattened gophers and a penguin.

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This is a Valentine's card sent to John from loving wife, who evidently has impeccable taste for this page, making it a perfect addition...

Fluffy rabbit - baby romper suit

Make your own Fluffy Rabbit

If this fails to please, here are instructions for making your very own cardboard fluffy rabbit. It will give seconds and seconds of fun and increase your popularity with other innocents...

Find a toilet roll and remove all toilet paper, saving a few sheets. Cut two long, rabbit shaped ears from another piece of cardboard, possibly a second toilet roll if you are feeling daring, or have a life time's supply and are feeling reckless enough to sacrifice two rolls in one go. Also cut out two stumpy short feet and two much larger feet complete with legs, also from cardboard. I don't think you'll be able to get all of these from the same second roll, so this time you'll have to sacrifice a cereal packet. All Bran packets are good as there are some brown parts for the natural look, but the more adventurous may prefer dazzling and vibrant shades, in which case steer well clear of Shredded Wheat - yellow is just such a tacky colour for rabbits. Now you'll need some whiskers. Well, if you've taken my advice and chosen an All Bran packet, you'll now have an abundance of rather chunky rabbit whiskers over the floor from where you cut through the packet by mistake. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's another scissors session with the cereal packet.

splat_pink.gif (1K)
Now we're ready for assembly. Get some glue. Paper glue is fun, being so messy, and I can recommend Evostick contact adhesive for the smell, but the real McCoy here is cyanoacrylate adhesive. This means you can stick the rabbit bits and your fingers together all at once. Do remember that it should not be used on small sisters' lips, no matter how tempting it is since there are few excuses for doing this that will convince a parent of your innocence. Although breaking the tube of glue in half and getting them to smear it on themselves usually works reasonably well the first time.
splat_red.gif (1K)
It doesn't really matter which order you glue the pieces together, nor their exact position - noone is going to be convinced that a cardboard bog roll is really a rabbit, no matter how much glue you've used on it, so you may as well go for abstract right from the start. Don't forget to crumple up the few sheets of toilet paper left over into a small ball, cover it with lashings of glue and ram it up the hole in the cardboard tube so that enough sticks out enough to be vaguely convincing as a tail. Remember that All Bran whiskers look best at the other end from the tail and if you can't get them to stick properly, yes you can eat them from the non-gluey end but stop before you get to the glue, otherwise you'll end up looking like your sister's lips.
spraycanthumb.gif (2K)
Now the finishing touches. There is really no colour but fluorescent pink for cardboard fluffy rabbits. A big spray can of the stuff is the business, since you will create a nice pink environment at the same time for your rabbit to play in and be ready camouflaged. Failing this, a fairly big tin of enamel paint will do, but not that wishy washy easy-clean emulsion rubbish. That just comes off everything far too easily. A helpful tip, if your rabbit is still stuck to your fingers, is to leave it there, extend your arm (assuming this is not glued as well) and spray using the free hand. If you're careful you will be able to spray just the rabbit and not your arm, but that's just so, so, so boring that I recommend you shut your eyes while doing it. Do make sure there are no responsible adults in the room or sure as eggs get broken and sisters lips get stuck together with SuperGlue, they will stop the fun.

Lastly, if you're worried about getting the rabbit off your hand, don't. The glue is pretty strong and you can always add a bit extra if it starts falling off. Then you can look pretty cool and carry your fluffy rabbit around with you everywhere to show off to your friends, or to anyone who will look for that matter.


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